Elasticsearch can't recognise _ec2_

Getting the following error "org.Elasticsearch.bootstrap.StartupException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to parse value [ec2] for setting [transport.publish_port]".

This is where in the Elasticsearch.yml, the error is coming up.

network.publish_host: _ec2_
transport.publish_port: _ec2_

Dockerfile where I am installing the plugin.
RUN bin/elasticsearch-plugin install -b discovery-ec2

those values are for the host not the port setting IIRC.

So, what can I put here for the value of the internal ipv4. I need the network.publish_host to be the internal ipv4 of the ec2 instance.

It's a port, so why not keep the default? The discovery is about finding the right ip addresses, not ports.

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I see . Thanks for the help.

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