Elasticsearch can't setup password

Hello, I'm newbie for elasticsearch7.3

I got a problem ,

when I setting xpack SSL for my es service

it is running ok,

I can connect with my browser then show account/password alert,

But when I wanna use elasticsearch-setup-passwords

it always show error to me,

> SSL connection to failed: readHandshakeRecord
> Please check the elasticsearch SSL settings under xpack.security.http.ssl.
> ERROR: Failed to establish SSL connection to elasticsearch at

and sometimes show

Connection failure to: failed: Read timed out

ERROR: Failed to set password for user [apm_system].

and es log show

security index does not exist

my config link https://pastebin.com/zf8nZZs3

Who can help me solve this problem


I have try to use -u when use

elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive -u "https://elastic102:9201"

results was same with none use " -u "

Please share your elasticsearch.yml here, the pastebin you shared above has already been deleted. Once you do that, we would be able to give you some feedback and/or suggestions

Also please share the whole output you get from elasticsearch-setup-passwords , not just part of it.

It says more than that, please don't pick specific phrases from the logs, share the exact relevant lines.

Thank you,

I fixed this issue already,

I just use Kibana Management Console to start basic mode without SSL

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