Elasticsearch CCS: Will request be sent to all clusters when I specify the cluster?

ES version: 6.2.4
I have same index which named "index-aa" in both clusterA and clusterB.
Normally I use the address of clusterA to do "cross cluster search" to get data from "index-aa", Use "*:index-aa" to get data both from clusterA and clusterB.
But sometimes I will specify the cluster name "clusterA:index-aa", just to get data from clusterA. My question is: will the request be sent to clusterB also? ES client is smart enough to check how many clusters should be searched (To save the network bandwidth)?

when you specify the alias of a specific cluster, the request will only go to such cluster, there won't be any request going to the other clusters.


That's great! Thanks.

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