Elasticsearch-certutil parameters


I am using Elasticsearch on a self managed cluster and I had to use the "elasticsearch-certutil" tool to manage my cluster certificates.
The help menu from the tool only lists the following options

Simplifies certificate creation for use with the Elastic Stack

csr - generate certificate signing requests
cert - generate X.509 certificates and keys
ca - generate a new local certificate authority
http - generate a new certificate (or certificate request) for the Elasticsearch HTTP interface

Non-option arguments:

Option             Description
------             -----------
-E <KeyValuePair>  Configure a setting
-h, --help         Show help
-s, --silent       Show minimal output
-v, --verbose      Show verbose output

However the official documentation mentions the following usage of this command:

./bin/elasticsearch-certutil cert \
  --name fleet-server \
  --ca-cert /path/to/ca/ca.crt \
  --ca-key /path/to/ca/ca.key \
  --dns your.host.name.here \
  --ip \

Why are --name, --ca-cert, --ca-key, --dns, --ip, --pem options not listed in the help menu?
Where can I get the exhaustive list of those options?
Any help appreciated, even if it is a simple link to a source file.

Actually I just had to type:

elasticsearch-certutil cert --help


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