Elasticsearch change log level


There are lot of configurations in log4j properties. I'm using logstash to insert records to elasticsearch and I need to log those.
what is the effect of changing below config?

logger.action.name = org.elasticsearch.action
logger.action.level = debug

Also can this be changed without restarting elasticsearch?


It'll log quite a lot of data out to the log. If you don't need the info, you should leave it.

You can update these dynamically.

Thank you for the prompt response. which logger i should change to enable logstash insertion logs and skips all other unwanted logs? Is there any such?

There's not explicitly, no. You'd need a pretty custom logging setup to extract just them.
Logstash has some settings that might help.

What problem are you trying to solve here?

We are using logstash for parsing and storing events in elasticsearch. For troubleshooting, we need someway to log the events that got inserted into elasticsearch.

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