Elasticsearch changed the field type automacatilly

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Today I saw a strange behavior in Elasticsearch.
Yesterday I did this configuration:

This is my log:

I use this Grok:

But, today Elasticsearch changed the index's field type to "date", and now I have this message:

"Field Type Conflict: The type of this field changes across indices. It is unavailable for many analysis functions. The indices per type are as follows: "
date logstash-2017.12.19
text logstash-2017.12.18

Is it possible Elasticsearch change de index's field type automatically?
What I need to do in this case?

Thank you very much.

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If you don't provide any mapping then elasticsearch tries to automatically guess from the content.

If you sent one document as:

  "foo": "bar"

One day in index named logstash-2017.12.18 and then:

  "foo": "2017-12-18"

in another index, the second one will be mapped as a date.

You need to provide mapping. You can use index template to automate that.

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Thank you.
I will see about it. :+1:

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