Elasticsearch Client for high performance

Hello, everyone,

some years ago I wrote a search server for several webshops. Currently the search is based on Elasticsearch-5 and PHP and an Elasticsearch server.
Now I want to create this search completely new. The goal is to get search results and suggestions as fast as possible.
The question is, what would be the fastest way to do this?

  • PHP with the PHP-Client
  • PHP via curl
  • c++ via curl
    or do you perhaps have another idea?
    Currently I am only planning a search server, since this should be enough? Or does it make sense to use several search servers?

I will do the indexing as usual with PHP, but performance is not that important!

THANK YOU in advance

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I would probably use the PHP client as the clients impact on overall latency should be reasonably small compared to tuning queries sent through it.

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