Elasticsearch Closing Index after removing read-only index block followed by Restart


We are on Elasticsearch 6.0 and we need help on the following scenario:

  1. Index A is in "Open" state
  2. Elasticsearch crossed flood_stage watermark, Index A got read-only index block
  3. Resolve flood_stage watermark, Remove read-only index block from index A by setting
      "index.blocks.read_only_allow_delete": null
  1. Index A is still in "Open" state
  2. Restart Elasticsearch
  3. Index A is closed when Elasticsearch is back online

We want to confirm whether this is the expected behavior, and if there is any way to avoid this auto-close behavior.

Thank you!

You really should upgrade as a matter of urgency. That version is ancient, it reached the end of its supported life 18 months ago. In more recent versions the read_only_allow_delete block is removed automatically.

I don't think you are describing what you saw accurately. Elasticsearch doesn't auto-close indices. What makes you think it was closed?

Yes, migration plan is ongoing :slight_smile:


Well, upon ES startup, the index is in "Closed" state.
I guess for now we will just avoid doing Elasticsearch restart and watch closely on this behavior until we upgraded to ES7.

Thanks for the input!

Where are you seeing this, though? Can you share the API request that gives you this information, and the response?

I'm using cat API, i.e. GET /_cat/indices

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