Elasticsearch cloudazure plugin 2.4 with snapshot issue

HI ,
I am trying to take snapshot backup to azure blob storage. updated the storage account and key on yml file. but getting validation error during repo creation due to the end point suffix is different.
on cloudazure plugin 2.4.4 the end point suffix is hard coded "blob.core.windows.net" and I want to use some other suffix like "blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net".

I have found 6x onwards its parameterized , how can we get this feature on 2.4.4 azure plugins?

azure.client.default.endpoint_suffix: core.chinacloudapi.cn

2.4 is not being developed further and is end of life since february this year, so there will be no backports to an end-of-life version.

You could write a plugin with that features yourself or extend the existing one and use it internally, but maybe it is easier to try and jump to a later version that is supported and contains a lot more features and bugfixes.

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