Elasticsearch cluster does not show all nodes

Hi there,

Although I am using the docker compose attached, I see ONLY ONE node in my elasticsearch cluster (running http://X.X.X.X:9200/_cat/nodes?v)

Nothing suspicious in the logs.

Any idea what am I doing wrong.
Thanks in advance,

please do not post images here, they are hard to read. Please use markdown in order to format code snippets or logs.

Can you share the logfiles of the master node and the node trying to join the cluster. Your screenshot does not reveal any information, how many nodes you are expecting to be available.

Also, maybe in order to make sure everything works with your configuration, trying this without docker first might make sense.


Thanks for this Alex.

I expect 3 nodes in the cluster.

I share 2 logs folders:

  1. using DNS name in discovery setting (as shown above)
  2. using IP in discovery setting

NOTE: that I hoped to use the docker swarm to ease the ES setup in our local environment.

Thanks again.

Additionally I tested successfully both pings and telnet (port 9300) between all containers.

Do the nodes report different cluster UUIDs? If so, does this help?

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