Elasticsearch cluster down due to Elasticsearch:java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

We are encountering an issue, wherein multiple nodes in our elasticsearch cluster goes down due to Elasticsearch:java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space.
As a result of this all the shards get unassigned and takes a long time to recover.

Urgent help will be highly appreciated. We have encountered this issue thrice in 5 days.

If Elasticsearch hits an OutOfMemoryError then, by default, it will write a heap dump before exiting. You will need to load this heap dump (e.g. using MAT) to work out why it ran out of memory.

Also note that Elasticsearch 7 has much better protection against OutOfMemoryErrors than earlier versions. It would be wise to upgrade.

Hi David,
Thanks for you reply.

We are looking for some tuning parameters for our cluster. Please suggest. Below are cluster specs.
26 nodes
1,488 indices
11,170 shards
38,558,392,038 docs
Xmx: 31GB
Xms: 31 GB
Node configuration: 16c64G.

There is no way to answer such a vague question, sorry. You will need to perform your own benchmarks and experiments.

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