Elasticsearch cluster is taking much time to get the response

I have ES cluster of 16 nodes. The total data size in the cluster has 750GB. I used replication factor as 1. So the data size is 1.5TB.

Each node is having the following specification:

  1. 500GB SSD raid 1
  2. 64GB ram
  3. 8 cores CPU
  4. Head size is 30G

I am facing the slowness issues in the bulk calls. In the logs, we found the queue size is full.

I am having many questions in that,

  1. I updated the 3 nodes as a master and co-ordinating nodes, then also we got the same errors in the log files. How to solve these errors and How to increase the query performance.

2). Is there any way to find out the max limit of our existing cluster capacity?

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