Elasticsearch cluster nodes not returning correct data count while shard initialisation

(Rahmath Ullah) #1

I have configured the 3 Elastic search clusters in Amazon ec2 instance and configured under a Loadbalancer having more than 200GB data.
ES1, ES2, ES3
data replica : 1

when I restart the ES2 node, 2 secondary shard are initializing for more than a hour, since I have all the primary shards are available,
I can't get the correct data count when the loadbalancer hits the ES2 node.

Any one please help on what is happening and what i have to do. Thanks

(Mark Walkom) #2

There's no where near enough info here to help.

What version of things are you on? How many shards? What are you actually seeing (show us via _cat calls).

(Rahmath Ullah) #3

I accessed the node before sharding completion. The issue fixed. Thank you for the reply.

(system) #4