Elasticsearch cluster uneven distribution of data


How to explain uneven distribution of data between cluster nodes?

GET _cat/allocation?v&pretty
shards disk.indices disk.used disk.avail disk.total disk.percent host         ip           node
    63        375gb   375.3gb    648.1gb   1023.4gb           36 elastic_03
    64      343.1gb   343.9gb    679.5gb   1023.4gb           33 elastic_02
    63      268.5gb   269.2gb    754.2gb   1023.4gb           26 elastic_01

Each nodes have 1TB for data.

Any idea?

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I did some deeper annalise and I guess/suppose that this cluster is optimized for number of shares instead of disk usage. Is there any simple way to change it?

It balances based on shard count and there is no way to change it :frowning:


Do I good understand you? Is this only one way " balances based on shard" and no other option?



That's correct, and this is deliberate. Balancing by size is expensive and unnecessary. All your nodes have ample free space, so why does anything need to be done differently?

OK, I understand. Thanks a lot.

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