Elasticsearch cluster with S3 gateway does not update index if s3 bucket is created in other region?

We have setup 3 elasticsearch cluster (4 nodes each) with cloud AWS plugin,
setup in us-east-1, eu-west-1, ap-northeast-1, all connecting to the same
s3 bucket created in US standard.

We are using basic recommended s3 gateway settings as below

gateway.type: s3
gateway.s3.bucket: es-data-stage
discovery.type: ec2
cloud.aws.s3.endpoint: s3.amazonaws.com
cloud.aws.region: us-east-1
(cloud.aws.region: eu-west-1)
(cloud.aws.region: ap-northeast-1)

We have ingested data in daily basis through one elasticsearch cluster in
us-east-1, but the data are not successfully replicated in elasticsearch
cluster in other 2 region.

Could some one experts in Elasticsearch tell if this is a expected
functionality of using elasticsearch across various region with common S3
bucket providing we need to have daily update for index data?

Thanks a lot.

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