Elasticsearch clustering indices problem

hello everyone, i'm using two node cluster :
1- master node
2- data node
but when the cluster formed , all indices from master transported to the other node, and the index size are the same on each one, even though the number of replicas are "0" and number of shards are "3".
im a little bit confused here, the replica is meant to be exact copy of data right ?
and shards are like pieces of the data and 3 shards means 3 pieces right ?
this is not ok for me two have 2 nodes each with 500GB disk and same data on each !!

i want to choose which index share to the other node , not all of them.
any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Mozart4242, it sounds like you are looking for index-level allocation filtering.

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Thank you, i will check it out

That was not what im looking for :frowning:
Any other ideas?

If that doesn't help then I am not understanding the problem you are facing. Can you share the exact output from GET _cat/shards so we can see the distribution of shards in your cluster, and then describe in more detail how you want it to be different?

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