Elasticsearch configuration please contact us

I wanted to inquire about the makeup of Elasticsearch
In order to use the server, one needs 2 servers from webserver and 2 servers from elasticsearch.
Elasticsearch requires two servers to be used:
Server 1: 1 master node and 2 data nodes
Server 2: 1 master node and 2 data nodes
I used this composition to create a cluster but I was wondering whether it be a problem if I used 2 master node instead of one.
I tried to use an odd number of master node in the webserver, but the 2 webservers consisted of active-standby., uilizing one server became impossible.
When I used master node in both the 2 webservers, there are 4 master node in total and one of them is always offline.
Is it possible for me to configure the device in this way when faced with this problem?

Welcome! :smiley:

I'll close this one in favour of I have a question about elasticsearch configuration. It's best if you don't duplicate your questions, as it makes it harder for people to help :slight_smile: