I have a question about elasticsearch configuration

I need to configure the service with 2 web servers and 2 servers assigned for elasticsearch.

I'm going to make cluster configuration with 2 elasticsearch server like below.

Server 1 : 1 Master node, 2 data node
Server 2 : 1 Master node, 2 data node

Does it have any issue if there are 2 master nodes?

To make odd number of master node, I considered to install one more master node in a web server.

However, 2 webservers are configured by redundancy(Active - Standby), so it is impossible to install a master node in one webserver.

If I install master node in 2 webservers, master nodes will be 4 and one master node should be offline.

I'd like to know this configuration is OK.

Ideally you have 3 master nodes in each cluster. Running one on another server might be an option.

7.x changed master election, it might work if you make both web servers voting only nodes for master election.

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