Elasticsearch configure the client to trust this certificate

Hi Team

I am using Elasticsearch Version 7.8.0

I have generated CA Certificate and keys using "elasticsearch-certutil" utility.

These certificates are in format PKCS#12.

Could you please help me in configure the client to trust this certificate.

Tushar Nemade

Can someone please help me

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Hello David

Please excuse me , if my actions indicated that I am being impatient and pushing in this open-forum. I did not intended the same.

Tushar Nemade

You can try what I do. If it is important question or urgent, I post the same question in here and on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/elasticsearch

It helps getting answers from multiple sources cause helps with the understanding part of it. Everyone don't explain things in the best way.


I would have registered on reddit.com , but in my official network , this link is blocked. Hene proceeding with same would be not feasible for me.

Which client? There is no single answer that works for every possible client.

Hi Tim

Client in my case if another Cluster of "Elasticsearch" of same version 7.8.0

I am in need to trust both cluster's each other CA Certificate.


Could someone please help me to get how to pass the ALIAS name for Instance and for Certificate using elasticsearch-certutil ca in elasticsearch.

Tushar Nemade

It's a lot easier if you please create a single thread for your questions in future :slight_smile:

See Elasticsearch Cross Cluster Search Implementation, as you have a solution for this there.