Elasticsearch Consuming Massive Memory

Just curious as to what's going on here. jvm.options set to 20GB but this is what I see in Task Manager. Running Elasticsearch 7.6 on Server 2012 R2

The 20GB is the amount of memory you've configured to allocate for the JVM Heap.
A Java process / service doesn't use only the amount of memory defined for the JVM Heap but it will make use native (off-heap) memory. Think about the memory required in order to run the JVM itself.

For example, if you've defined a JVM Max Heap size of 20GB, in recent versions of Elasticsearch is going to limit the XX:MaxDirectMemorySize to 50% of the JVM Max Heap size (10GB) for direct memory.

Please rely on our documentation to configure Elasticsearch and set the JVM Max Heap size.

Also ensure you're running a supported JDK.


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