Elasticsearch Couchbase XDCR errors

I'm having an issue creating a XDCR to Elasticsearch.

I'm getting the following error on Couchbase:


(CAPI mode) 434c41fc737b38b9a374a08085553abf/adepteo/adepteo ( adepteo/620
-> http://@ ) failed:
@172 .16.2.169:9091/adepteo%2f620/_revs_diff",

POST request to http://adepteo:*****@172 .
16.2.169:9091/adepteo%2f461/_revs_diff in 0.5 seconds due to error
Couchbase bucket has about 133K items in it, Elastic search gets about 90K.
These errors seem to repeat a fill up the logs rapidly. No errors log on
Elastic search machine.

I am using a custom ES template.

Any help is much appreciated.


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