Elasticsearch curator 4.x


how do I get it to run a cron job that will delete indices X days old. I had it running with an older curator vesions, but the command line reference i can find on the net don't work. Did you do away with this in the newer version, as i cant find anything on the documentation pages.

Have you seen https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/client/curator/current/index.html?

Are you after help with cron or the curator syntax?

hi, yes ive senn the doc, it is because to don't have the command line way of doing anymore but have to use files?

I'm both after commandline syntax and the cron if there are any changes to that also

i used to run something like this and i would work

curator --host delete indices --time-unit days --older-than 45

If you like the 3.5.1 way of doing things, there's no reason you need to upgrade. You can continue to use Curator 3.5.1 as long as you want.

There are benefits of using 4.x, though.

There are examples like this one to delete_indices in the documentation. I just promoted the examples page to be visible at the root level menu.