ElasticSearch Cutodd Limit

I am trying to push data from a database to ElasticSearch. The records is in Json format and each records is of about 300 lines. I am trying to push about 1000 records. The ElasticSearch shows only 9-10 records. Is there a Threshold limit to the no of records in ElasticSearch?

Hi @Aditya2,

there are limits, but not in that range. An index is divided into shards and each shard can maximum hold around 2 billion docs (2^31-1).

Elasticsearch will report back errors if there are issues with any of the docs. Are you using the _bulk API or the index API? If using the _bulk API, notice that it will return an outer level 200 OK even if there are errors. It then returns a separate status code per doc in the response, see Bulk API.

Also notice that the _bulk API has special requirements around line breaks.

Can you elaborate a bit on how data are pushed from the database to Elasticsearch?

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