Elasticsearch DB backup for last one hour for a particular index

Is there a way to take a backup a particular index for just the last 1 hour ? snapshot doesnt provide the time period option? Any ideas?

Snapshots backup complete indices only, not partial data.

Yes figured that out, any other way to get partial data backed up?

You can run a scroll search with a filter on the timestamp field (supposing you have one). And store the result on disk.
You would need to write code for that.

You can use reindex api to reindex the last hour in another index and then run a snapshot of this index. Then drop the index.

Thanks was thinking on the same lines, was also exploring elasticdump utility https://www.npmjs.com/package/elasticdump

Can Reindex be done with start and end time filter params?

Please ignore figured this out. Thanks for the great help

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