Elasticsearch diagnostic

(Sergey) #1

ES periodically crashed under high load.
I wonder how to diagnose ES's problems? Is there any ways or some tips for using ES?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Check your logs for OOM or long GC.

What version are you on? What is "high load"? What is causing the high load? Are you monitoring Elasticsearch?

(Antonio Bonuccelli) #3

You can install Marvel

bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest

and keep an eye on memory consumption, fielddata and filter cache size and evictions and other metrics

(Sergey) #4

Is it free?

(Antonio Bonuccelli) #5

Only in Development environment

(Otis Gospodnetić) #6

You can also use http://sematext.com/spm/integrations/elasticsearch-monitoring.html - there is a free-forever plan without node limits, even for production.


(system) #7