Elasticsearch didn't auto recover from disk space full

I'm using ES 2.2.2, here is what i am confusing.


  1. ES running ok
  2. host space full
  3. ES running bad
  4. delete some nonsense logs
  5. ES still running bad(nested: AlreadyClosedException[translog is already closed]; )
  6. restart ES
  7. ES running ok!

I mean, shouldn't es will be ok after host disk space released?

Please remind me if you want more details.

Did you confirm that the disk space taken by the nonsense logs got released after you deleted them? Sometimes, filehandles stay open, especially for logs.

You can check them by doing the following on *nix systems!

$> sudo lsof +L1

Thanks your tip.
I didn't check the file handles, but other services in the same host recovered after files deleted. So i am sure it's not the reason.
Please note, i am using ES 2.x version.

Best regards.

any suggestion about this?

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