ElasticSearch Docker - To DAEMON or not to DAEMON?

Hello - We'er considering moving our current EC2 Based Stack to Docker. High level topography
consists of 5 EC2 Instances with all of them acting as Master/Data Nodes. We have two More Coordinating nodes that direct traffic to the 5 master/data nodes. The Two coordinating nodes are fronted by an ELB. We do get approximately 1 million documents per day which this setup handles with ease.

A few questions here. Any insights would prove useful in us progressing:

  1. Does it make sense to setup the master/data nodes as DAEMON (thus ensuring we get only 1 task per Instance mimicing our current 1 Node per instance in the EC2 setup?).
  2. Will this setup support automatic rollover in case of EC2 AMI Updates (as in at least 1 task/node is remaining alive when others are down during AMI upgrade ?)

any input would be helpful

If you're installing from a DEB/RPM then you might as well use the included service/daemon.

If you have multiple nodes down at one time, then your cluster may be in a yellow or red state, that will impact the availability of the services it provides.

Thanks @warkolm.
The intent here is to support a "Rolling upgrade" and prevent a Red state whenever we upgrade the stack to a newer AMI for example.

The follow https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/setup-upgrade.html and you should be ok :slight_smile:

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