ElasticSearch doesn't initialize

I use ElasticSearch with a Rails application and the ES stopped. I have tried several tips from other users with similar problem and nothing happens.

What I do:

start the service with "sudo service elasticsearch start" and nothing appears
check the status with "service elasticsearch status" and the console show inactive service.

The error raised by the Rails server is: Faraday::ConnectionFailed: Couldn't connect to server.

I was using the ES without problems until now and I dont know what caused this.

P.S. I installed the ES using repository

Thanks for the help

Are you running on Linux?
Did you upgrade the Kernel?

The log of elasticsearch has some info?
It might help pinpoint the problem.
Rails is probably giving the "Faraday::ConnectionFailed: Couldn't connect to server" because the elastic isnt up.

Possibly a duplicate of Elasticsearch dead recently without modify anything?

Yes. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It wasn't upgraded.

The logs are empty.

As @tomcgn wrote in the other thread, could you check sudo journalctl -xe?

Check the kernel and system logs. May be it has been updated?

What is your OS?

Thanks for all, but the service is running now.

What I did:

  • Removed the ES (version 2.4.6) with apt remove
  • Installed ES (version 6.1.2) with sudo dpkg -i
    (this version showed a error with java: minimum version required is 8)
  • Update java to version 8
    (in this moment the ES was working, but I noticed that the version was wrong)
  • Remove ES with sudo dpkg -r
  • Installed ES (2.4.6) with apt-get

Just the version 6 showed a log for the error.

That's all, guys. I don't know if update java is the solution and this is the reason I described all the steps.

To everbody asking what was the logs: There wasn't logs (Yeah, I dont know why)

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

That's clearly sounds like a buggy Kernel. You should really check it.
I'm afraid you are just hiding a more important problem here.

Thanks for this advice. I'll check this and even post the logs here as soon as possible (There was a system crash recently).

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