Elasticsearch - Edit distance using fuzzy is inaccurate

I am using ES 5.5 and my requirement is to allow upto two edits while matching a field.

In ES,I have value as 124456788 and query comes in as 123456789

"fuzzy": {
							"idkey": {
								"value": **"123456789"**,
								"fuzziness": "20"

To my knowledge the edit distance is 2 between these two numbers. But it is not matching even with fuzziness property as 20.

I did an explain api call and here is what I am seeing

"description": "no match on required clause (((idkey:012345789)^0.7777778 (idkey:012346789)^0.7777778 (idkey:013456789)^0.7777778 (idkey:023456789)^0.8888889 (idkey:102345678)^0.7777778 (idkey:112345678)^0.7777778 (idkey:113456789)^0.8888889 (idkey:120456589)^0.7777778 (idkey:121345678)^0.7777778 (idkey:122345678)^0.7777778 (idkey:122345679)^0.7777778 (idkey:122456789)^0.8888889 (idkey:123006789)^0.7777778 (idkey:123045678)^0.7777778 (idkey:123096789)^0.7777778 (idkey:123106789)^0.7777778 (idkey:123145678)^0.7777778 (idkey:123146789)^0.7777778 (idkey:123226789)^0.7777778 (idkey:123256789)^0.8888889 (idkey:123345678)^0.7777778 (idkey:123345689)^0.7777778 (idkey:123346789)^0.7777778 (idkey:123406784)^0.7777778 (idkey:123415678)^0.7777778 (idkey:123435678)^0.7777778 (idkey:123446789)^0.8888889 (idkey:123453789)^0.8888889 (idkey:123454789)^0.8888889 (idkey:123455789)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456289)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456489)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456709)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456779)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456780)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456781)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456783)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456785)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456786)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456787)^0.8888889 (idkey:123456889)^0.8888889 (idkey:123457789)^0.8888889 (idkey:123466789)^0.8888889 (idkey:123496789)^0.8888889 (idkey:123556789)^0.8888889 (idkey:126456789)^0.8888889 (idkey:223456789)^0.8888889 (idkey:423456789)^0.8888889 (idkey:623456789)^0.8888889 (idkey:723456789)^0.8888889)^5.0)",

The value I am expecting to match is 124456788 but ES query is internally not converting it as one of the possible match parameter in fuzzy query.

Do i need to use different ES method to make this work?

check the documentation about fuzziness and how many transpositions it is supporting.

You might want to check out the phonetic analysis plugin as an alternative.

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