Elasticsearch ELK Stack Kibana with APM Service (sftp-upload-service) not posting Transaction data

We are working with Elasticsearch ELK Stack 7.3.2 version.

With Java Spring Boot service version 1.2.0 we are experiencing Transaction data with null with "Access denied exceptions".

Does any one come across the similar behaviour where we have Transaction data missing with Elastic APM.

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Could you please clarify your question.

Are you not seeing the information you'd expect or does the agent impact your application? Could you maybe share a screenshot?

Thanks for looking into this query.

With this Java Spring boot service we are able to get the Heap & CPU level metrics and not the Transaction related data with this service.

With in the logs we are getting Null for Transaction data in Elastic search logs.

Error observed in the logs

is "java.security.AccessControlException: access denied ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "getClassLoader")"

Please find the attached snapshot for the same.

Seems you are using a security manager. We currently have limited support for that. Check out this topic: APM Java Agent - AccessControlException

Thanks for update.
Will check and update with possible solution on the same.

Praveen Tangirala

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