Elasticsearch endpoint is giving me `My connection to this website is not secured` on elastic cloud!

So I am getting this error My connection to this website is not secured when routing to the Elasticsearch endpoint before logging in, after logging in I can see that my elastic endpoint is certified correctly and secured. This is affecting me in the following scenario:

I created a read-only API-KEY to be used securely on the frontend website to call Elasticsearch queries, but it is giving a CERT ERR to a user located in the US, but not to me located in the UAE. Any idea why this is happening? please I need help figuring this out!

You'll have to explain more what you are doing here. This is a client-side JS query against Elasticsearch or something completely different?

Also, what is the specific error? We won't be able to guess it.

Okay, sorry for this it was Firewall setup on his laptop blocking the request to Elastic, sorry for causing any problems, and thanks a lot for replying @xeraa ... Have a nice day

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