Elasticsearch-exporter connection failure

Any idea why an elasticsearch-exporter pod's logs report an error connecting to the coordinating pod, but if I exec into the pod and curl the same address, it works?

Exporter version: 1.1.0-debian-10-r303
Error from log:
level=warn ts=2020-12-18T17:29:04.443053623Z caller=nodes.go:1851 msg="failed to fetch and decode node stats" err="failed to get cluster health from http://elasticsearch-sandbox-coordinating-only:9200/_nodes/stats: Get http://elasticsearch-sandbox-coordinating-only:9200/_nodes/stats: net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)"

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Can you clarify what elasticsearch-exporter is?

Sorry for the delay. The holidays have been a bit crazy.

Looks like a third-party tool, which I missed, but it's for collecting metrics for Prometheus:

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