ElasticSearch failed to apply default image tag in OpenShift deployment

Good Afternoon my Elastic Guru's. I am in the process of using the Docker image of 8.11.4 to deploy Elasticsearch in an OpenShift envirorment. I am using the OpenShift User interface and it should be a simple enough task, however when I deploy Elasticsearch it creates the 3 pods, which is good. When I click inside one of the 3 pods that have been created it shows the following

elasticsearch-es-default-1  init:InvalidImageName

When I review the Events I am given the following message:

failed to apply default image tag "podman pull quay.our.internal.ca:8443/mkirby924/elasticsiem": couldn't parse image reference "podman pull quay.our.internal.ca:8443/mkirby924/elasticsiem":invalid reference format

The above error is shown on all three pods and it does not matter if I use the docker pull or the podman pull from our internal quay website.

I uploaded the image for Elasticsearch 8.11.4 from a linux machine connected to the quay using

podman tag <image_id> quay.our.internal.ca:8443/mkirby924/elastticsiem:elasticsearch

podman push --tls-verify=false quay.our.internal.ca:8443/mkirby924/elasticsiem:elasticsearch

I verified that the file made it up to our internal quay server.

I am not sure what is wrong with my install, but it should be find from everything I have seen. I have even tried with 2 seperate quay repositories


I'm not sure how this is an Elasticsearch issue, everything you shared is related to podman/openshift.

It is not clear what is your issue with any Elastic tool.

Thought I would post up here in case anyone else had come up against a similar issue when deploying Elasticsearch in an OpenShift environment. It is on a Linux Backbone with containers.

Thanks for the reply.

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