ElasticSearch Filter by Aggregation Result

Hello, I don't want to cross post, but since this just launched and moved from the Google Groups I am not sure what's the best place to ask questions is at the moment. I posted on StackOverflow one http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31471365/elasticsearch-filter-by-aggregation-result.

As a side note: Is this place the right one or do you have a preference for certain type of questions to be here (e.g. more core related) and others on SO (more general related).


First to answer your actual query, in 1.4 there is nothing to filter the buckets returned by the aggregations on the client side. Coming in 2.0 with the new pipeline aggregations there is the bucket_selector aggregation which will allow you to do this kind of filtering though.

And to your side note question, yes this is the right place to be asking all types of questions about using, developing maintaining etc. Elasticsearch. These forums are indeed fairly new but they are also pretty active.


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Thanks, good to know, will give them a test in 2.0 when I have time but for now stick with aggregating it on the client side.