Elasticsearch filter plugin and winlogbeat

Goodmorning everyone,

I am trying to use for the firts time the elasticsearch filter plugin for logstash.

I am trying to searching the login event whenever you the log off event and enrich the log off event with necessary information from login event.
the event id is the field [winlog][event_data][TargetLoginId] and is shared between logon and logoff events.
the configuration starts, but it doesn't copy the selected fields.

if "dc" in [tags] {

      if [winlog][event_id] == 4634 or [event][code] == 4647 {

        elasticsearch {

          index => "%{[@metadata][beat]}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

          hosts => ["http://localhost:9200"]

          user => elastic

          password => changeme

          query => "legittima:yes AND [winlog][event_data][TargetLoginId]:%{[winlog][event_data][TargetLoginId]}"

          fields => { 

            "[winlog][event_data][ElevatedToken]" => "elevated_token"

            "@timestamp" => "LoginTime"



the match is: query => "legittima:yes AND [winlog][event_data][TargetLoginId]:%{[winlog][event_data][TargetLoginId]}"

if the field is set to yes, and the [winlog][event_data][TargetLoginId] is the same of the current one, copy the fields.


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