Elasticsearch filter plugin not sorting properly

I'm currently using the elasticsearch filter plugin to search for documents I have in elasticsearch.

a snippet of my config file:

query => "messageContent:offline, alert AND senderID:%{[senderID]}"
sort => "@timestamp:desc"

Alert is the first document inserted and it's only done once. All the documents following it are offline.

When I apply the timestamp:desc sort however, alert is the first document to appear. When I take it out of the query it pulls the latest offline document. Also if I switch the code from

query => "messageContent:offline, alert AND senderID:%{[senderID]}"


query => "messageContent:alert, offline AND senderID:%{[senderID]}"

It works properly. Any suggestions to fix this issue?

This can be closed. I needed to change the query from

"messageContent:offline, alert AND senderID"


"messageContent:(offline OR alert) AND senderID

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