Elasticsearch for Two Services

Hi, is possible that Elasticsearch can support two services on the same server, for example i have a wazuh server and this use Elasticsearch but i need install in this same sserver thehive that also use Elasticsearch, is posible that this two server can use the same Elasticsearch?

Do you mean use the same Elasticsearch cluster to store data from Wazuh and TheHive or run Wazuh Manager and The Hive in the same server where Elasticsearch is running?

In the first case you can use the same cluster to store as many data as you want and your resources allows it, in the second case you can also run other servers in the same server that Elasticsearch is running, but this is not recommended as this can impact on the performance of your cluster.

The recommendation is to run Elasticsearch as the only service on the server, but if you need you can other services as well, everything will depend on the resources of the server.

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Thanks @leandrojmp and how i can say to elastictsearch that wait and divide the data that wazuh and thehive can send.

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