ElasticSearch ForceMerge

(Mike G) #1

Hi all, we are running ES 2.3 and have indexes that are no longer being written to. Those indexes have what a appear to be a lot of segments and deletes. I wanted to try and "optimize" them for search, now that they no longer have docs being written to them. However, when i used the force merge and force merge with expunge deletes, I am not seeing it do anything.

Example Index:
170M docs
~500 GB
268 segments
~15M deleted docs

Wanted to try and reduce the #segments and cleanup the old deletes.

(Brandon Hatch) #2

Try setting max_num_segments equal to 1 when you do the forcemerge.

(Mike G) #3

Thanks man. I will give that a try.

(system) #4

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