Elasticsearch fuzzy intersection of two arrays

I have an object in the Elasticsearch index that has a nested object which
is a list of strings.
I would like to do the intersection against this list in both exact and
fuzzy ways.
So for example I have browser names with versions in the index like:
"browsers": [{"name":"Chrome 38"}, {"name":"Firefox 32"}, {"name":"Safari

the request could be:
[{"name":"Chrome 38"}, {"name":"IE 10"}]
then I have just 1 exact match.

or another example:
[{"name":"Chrome 39"}, {"name":"Firefox 33"}, {"name":"Safari 5"]
here I have 2 fuzzy-matches(Levenstein=2) and 1 exact match

Those results which have more matches should be on top.
How would you write this kind of query ?

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