ElasticSearch Hadoop integration use-cases

Hi All,

I am looking for real world business use-case scenarios of ES-Hadoop eco system integration, I have come across couple of webinars, but thats pretty much about it, more insights would helpful.


Have you seen the latest webinar which featured Predikto which explained their use case and usage of ES-Hadoop?

Ingest log data from various system, get info like user search user do, product purchase,product clicks.Analytics like product purhcase trends etc.
Realtime user profiling which can be input to recommendation engine.
Similar analytics can be done various server or systems for IT monitoring.

Search on Hadoop data
Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop (ES-Hadoop) is the two-way connector that solves a top wishlist item for any Hadoop user out there: real-time search. While the Hadoop ecosystem offers a multitude of analytics capabilities, it falls short with fast search. ES-Hadoop bridges that gap, letting you leverage the best of both worlds: Hadoop's big data analytics and the real-time search of Elasticsearch.

Netflix uses Elasticsearch to analyse data stored in its Hadoop, to analyse logs and errors.

Predikto processes large volumes of data for asset-intensive industries in order to predict equipment failure. This information allows customers to pro-actively apply prescriptive maintenance, thereby avoiding downtime.

Spark is used to process large batches of sensor data which is then index in Elasticsearch to predict, and in turn, prevent equipment failure for our industrial and manufacturing customers,Spark helped to improve ETL processes by a factor of 10, and thanks to Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop, we are able to get real-time insights, build dynamic dashboards, and plot maps with Elasticsearch's rich querying capabilities and GeoJSON support."