Elasticsearch health shows RED

(anuragh) #1

Currently ES version is 5.4.3 and we are planning to upgrade to latest version.
But before doing this i need to make the cluster GREEN.Please help

(Stuart) #2

you need to assign the 3 unassigned shards to a node in your cluster

do you have enough free space on your nodes to assign it?

(anuragh) #3

I have 2TB of data.How to assign the unassigned shards?

(anuragh) #4

i have 2TB storage free space

(Stuart) #5

have a look at _cluster/reroute


(anuragh) #6

Thank you .I deleted the corrupted files and restarted the nodes.Now Health shows GREEN.

(Stuart) #7

Glad you got it sorted! :+1:

(system) #8

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