Elasticsearch IIS on a subpath

Hi guys!
I have an issue involving elasticsearch and the Node client (https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-js-legacy).

I binded on IIS with a revese proxy the path http://host/elasticsearch with http://localhost:9200 so that i can access ES from https://www.myapp.com/elasticsearch

But when I do the GET request https://www.myapp.com/elasticsearch/_nodes/_all/ it reurns:

    "nodes": {
      "Lwxd-nyQTo-2aUcp1KgKpA": {
        "name": "caboo-1",
        "host": "localhost",
        "version": "7.0.0",
        "http": {
          "publish_address": "IPADRESS:9200"

This is not good for the client because it pushes data at IPADRESS:9200, I want publish_address='https://www.myapp.com/elasticsearch' is it possible?


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