ElasticSearch in Grails, search return no results when domain field has value with @ character


I encountered a problem when I was changing Searchable plugin to
ElasticSearch plugin (:elasticsearch: for Grails (2.4.4).

Let's say that I have domain object and a service:

class Person {
String firstName
String lastName
String email
static constraints = {
id bindable: true
firstName blank: false
lastName blank: false
email blank: false, unique: true, email: true
static searchable = {
root true
only = ['id', 'firstName', 'lastName', 'email']

class SearchService {

List<Person> findPersons(String searchPhrase) {
    Innovator.search(searchPhrase + '*').searchResults


My Config.groovy file contains following config:

elasticSearch {
client.mode = 'local'
index.store.type = 'memory'
date.formats = []
defaultExcludedProperties = ["password"]
disableAutoIndex = false
datastoreImpl = 'hibernateDatastore'
bulkIndexOnStartup = true
maxBulkRequest = 500

Suppose that we have following person in DB:

Person(firstName: 'Julius', lastName: 'Caesar', email:

Now, when I invoke findPersons('Julius') or findPersons('Caesar') or
findPersons('Jul') etc. then as a result I get list with one Person object.
But when I try to search using phrase with '@' character for example:
findPersons('julius.caesar@doma') or findPersons('julius.caesar@domain.com')
I do not receive any results, hovever findPersons('julius.caesar') is ok.
Analogical code in Searchable plugin works correct.

I've tried to remove '*' character and it didn't help.

As workaround I changed searchable closure to:
static searchable = {
root true
email index : 'not_analyzed'
only = ['id', 'firstName', 'lastName', 'email']

and findPersons method to:
List findPersons(String searchPhrase) {
searchPhrase += '*'

Now I can use findPersons('julius.caesar@domain.com') to find Person
object. But this is exact value and I would like to use also prefix search
for email field.
For example: findPersons('julius.caesar@doma') should also return Person as
a result.

Thank you for any tips and any help in solving this issue.


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