Elasticsearch index mapping?

i'm beginner of Elasticsearch
i doing now a simple project for my training purpose , my project is user login system with fileuploading and search option,
user can upload multiple textfiles on his account there is no limit, and then user can also search a random word , if that word is available in user uploaded file and display the file name list
my problem is how to index mapping for this case and how my user base is more then 5million every user can upload more files in case index is full what is happen and how to handle it . and how to make it search faster more documents
i attached sample images

You are still asking the same question again and again.
Please let's keep the same question in a single thread: I create user login system with file uploading , and user can upload unlimited textfiles and search word, how to create and mapping index this case? - #14 by dadoonet

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