Elasticsearch index on blob

Is it possible to make a blob which is a compressed binary representation of a string, searchable?

No. You would need to extract the text and store this on the document. This is what e.g. the ingest attachement plugin does when indexing binary documents and files.

I have compressed data into blob using: Erlang -- External Term Format
Will this also be retrievable by the plugin ?

I do not believe that is supported.

Thanks :slight_smile: im glad was able to get to a conclusion, will think of some other way :slight_smile:

Hey @Christian I read that Tika supports:

"Tar, AR, ARJ, CPIO, Dump, Zip, 7Zip, Gzip, BZip2, XZ, LZMA, Z and Pack200"

In Apache Tika – Supported Document Formats under section ' Compression and packaging formats'.

But I understand for Elasticsearch we cannot index on compressed formats.. and need to uncompress and only then store documents or string using ingest attachment plugin ?

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