Elasticsearch index_prefixes usage


I've read that index_prefixes can improve prefix queries but it's not clear how I should use it. Is there a way to see the generated ._index_prefix field values, it doesn't appear when using the _mapping api?
I'm using multi fields:

  "title" : {
              "type" : "text",
              "fields" : {
                "keyword" : {
                  "type" : "keyword",
                  "ignore_above" : 256,
                  "normalizer" : "lowercase_normalizer"
                "words" : {
                  "type" : "text",
                  "analyzer" : "standard"
              "analyzer" : "edge_ngram_analyzer",
              "search_analyzer" : "standard"

I'm using prefix query on title.keyword which is basically the lowercase raw string. What should I change to benefit from index_prefixes?
Should I specify in the query that I want to use the _index_prefix field? How do I deal with queries longer than 19 chars?

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