Elasticsearch - information about index

I have question about how updating information about indicies works.
I processing logs by filebeat to elasticsearch using ingest pipelines and using elastic stack 7.3.0.
And I checked if logs was harvested by looking on endpoint: _cat/indicies

When logs appear and filebeat process them, number of documents in indicies not showing that they are proceed, but storage size is increase. And after filebeat close harvesting file, information with suitable number of docs appear.

Coincidentally I found that when I make some interaction with index(_search endpoint), then number of docs appear correct on _cat/indicies endpoint .

Why is happens in that way?

See this doc

"Refreshes" make new content visible which is good for end users but bad for those providing the service because it comes at a cost. We changed the default behaviour of "refresh" in version 7 to delay refreshes if users were not seen to be searching.

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