Elasticsearch - Ingest Plugin - Tika Configuration

Hi Team

Would it possible to configure Tika from Elasticsearch through ingest plugin? We are using Ingest attachment plugin for parsing various types of documents. By default Tika parses content of PDF document and Bookmark names too. In our case Bookmark names are not required. This can be controlled through Tika configuration. So is there any way we can configure Tika from Elasticsearch. Please let us know

Nothing like this is exposed.
But you can always apply the remove processor if you need to remove stuff you don't need.

Yes I agree . But it has no option to exclude bookmark names alone https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/plugins/master/using-ingest-attachment.html
Kindly let me know

Let you know what exactly?

Sorry for the confusion. I just got to know about remove processor in Elasticsearch. I will try this.
Thanks for the details.

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