ElasticSearch Ingestion issue

Hi All,

We use ES for our search capability. And have our Proprietary plug in for bulk extraction and ingestion purposes.

We have started the ingestion process for a new deployment and the ingestion process shows success, the ES index does not reflect the ingested documents though after ingesting around 58k records.

The ingestion process says, it's in progress and continuing but after adding about 58k records out 1.3 million records - records are not being added actually.

Did anyone encounter this issue before, it's highly appreciable if anyone can shed some light here. And anyone can throw some insight into this how do we approach this issue will also be very helpful.


The only moment I saw that was when I did introduce a bug in my code and I was using the same id again and again for the document.

After injecting 1 million docs, I ended up with only one doc which was updated 1 million of times... :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd suggest to check your code. Or to share it here (formatted please)

Thanks a lot David. I will start from there and let you know what i find.

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