Elasticsearch Input Filter Returns %{message}


Attempting to use the Elasticsearch input plugin on Logstash 5.2.0, but with the following config:

input {
   elasticsearch {
      hosts => "esearch-cn1:9200"
      index => "logstash_sa_2017.02.06"
      query => '{ "query": { "term": { "parsed_xml.UserID": "testuser" } } }'
output {

With or without the query, the data returned looks like:

2017-02-06T11:37:50.000Z logaggp %{message}
2017-02-06T11:39:50.000Z logaggp %{message}
2017-02-06T12:19:52.000Z logaggp %{message}

Before I go any deeper with query or the final out, what am I missing to get the actual data?

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Try using:

output {
stdout { codec => rubydebug }

You can start off by using a match_all query and see if that works to be sure you're getting some data.

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